Answered By: Kathy Kinsella
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When you return items to the library you are issued with a receipt. If your receipt shows the item that you have returned, please bring this to any Learning Services help desk and we will happily remove it from your record.

If you don't have your receipt then please contact Learning Services as soon as possible so we can start a process called 'Claim Returned'.

The Claim Returned process allows us to renew the item on your account until the end of the term, giving you full access to your account and us time to search for the item. We will also ask you to double check at home, ask friends etc.

A note will be made against the queried item and this will alert staff should the item subsequently be returned.

If we find the item on our shelves, we will return the item from your record.

If you find the item please return it immediately.

After the end of the term if the item is not found you will begin to receive overdue notices by email — the 4th of which informs you that you will receive an invoice in 2 weeks’ time.

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