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Open Soprano on the Samsung Galaxy device and log in using your site credentials.

  • In the Home tab
  • Select the option - Pick Reserved items
  • This will launch a list of all items currently reserved from your shelves.
  • Locate the items on the shelves

Select the Found Y button when you have the item or the Skip X button if you cannot find the item.

  • Once you have all your requested items you then need to process them.
  • This is the same process as for processing exceptions in returns

Processing Exceptions

Go to Resources and select return.

  1. Enter/scan the item barcode and select return item.
  2. Follow the instructions on screen
  3. Click the Process Reservation button - The Reservations screen will open
  4. Click SATISFY for the 1st borrower.
  5. The confirmation screen will display.
  6. Write down borrower number and hold expiry date (+4 working days) on reservation slip

For items to be collected at another site (Aintree, Manchester, R&C or distance profile) follow steps 1-3 then

  1. Instead of Satisfy click on transit and follow the instruction on the next screen.
  2. Place item in the correct box or on correct shelf

Aintree - Blue Box

Manchester - Red Box

Distance Profile - Postal Loan/Distance Profile Shelf

R&C - instructions below

Processing Reserve and Collect reservations (R&C)

You must also satisfy any R&C holds in site Ormskirk R&C to send a notification and make the item ready for collection.

Log into Ormskirk R&C

  • Username orc
  • password orc

Select Return

  1. Enter the item barcode and click return item button
  2. Click Process RESERVATION
  3. Write down borrower number and hold expiry date on a YELLOW R&C reservation slip
  4. Place on the R&C shelf within the reservation shelves.

Once you have processed all retrieved items you must make MISSING items you cannot find on the shelves

In Home

  • Go into Pick Reservations
  • Click on the item you couldn’t find - The holdings screen will open
  • Any available item(s) that weren't on the shelf need to be made missing
  • Click on the item
  • at the top of the item box click on the pencil
  • From the status drop down choose “Missing” and then tick

Once you have completed the whole process please record the stats here

Y:\Learning Services\Customer Services\Customer Services folders\Learning Spaces\Statistics\Reservations

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