Answered By: Cathy Carey
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If one of the bin lights is slowly flashing. this means the bin has reached maximum number of items and needs resetting

  • Move the appropriate bin away from the machine
  • Light will flash quicker
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Replace bin - light should go off

If the 3 main bin lights are flashing, this usually means a book is caught under one of the straps. 

  • Remove any items from the belt
  • Press Green Button 2, above the machine at the beginning of the belts
  • Belts will start cycling
  • Machine should reset

If all the bin lights are flashing

  • Remove any items from the belt
  • Check the emergency stop buttons haven’t been pressed. They are by each bin, 1 by staff PC and 1 at the front of the belt
  • Turn the Big Red Switch off and leave for 10 seconds
  • Turn back on
  • Press Green Button 1 (above Big Red Switch)
  • Machine should reset

If only one of the red lights is flashing or message on screen is ‘system stalled’

  • Clear the belt
  • Press Green Button 2
  • Belts will restart

If everything above fails, please contact Ruth Smalley ext 7753

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