Answered By: Andy Billington
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020     Views: 1

If a Unicard is handed in to the Helpdesk, record the contact details for the student and place card in Lost Property. Attempt to contact the student via student email/personal email. If student fails to contact the helpdesk, or is uncontactable within 24 hours, forward the card to Facilities Management. If the student contacts the Helpdesk after this time, advise them that they may contact FM in the first instance, but they may have to purchase a replacement unicard by ordering from the online store at a cost of £10. This can then be collected from the Durning Centre FM Helpdesk, in due course.

If a found card appears on the LS systems as belonging to an ex-student, or is clearly unusable or badly damaged/unreadable, shred the card securely using the device behind helpdesk 

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